Touch The Himalaya Best Time for Nepal Trekking

The best months to trek in Nepal Himalaya are March, April, May and  from the last week in September to mid-December. The busiest season is October. Limits are the monsoon (June to September) and winter snow and lodge closures (mostly in Mountain over 400 meter) from some time in December to late February and early March

Most of the treks in Nepal starts ascending from  the low elevation  750m to 1100 m altitude then goes gradually up to  until 4500 meter  up to 6000 meter  to the tops, passes  a tremendous range of altitudes, temperatures and micro-climates.  Finding the balance between hot and cold, views and nature, peak and off peak is key. This table should give you an idea from January to December season.

January Cold and icy but generally clear skies. “…Sometime around mid-January. Very quiet (few people) in winter season, cold at night, fresh and beautiful,” said one trekker. Winter storms sometimes visit the passes and mountain basecamps through January and February, but changing weather patterns make it difficult to predict. Crampons needed for descending the pass. There are five or so icy sections of around 10m long. Porters and guides should also have crampons.  Key lodges  still closed so bring a tent.
February Cold, icy but warming towards the end of the month Towards the end of February, Rhododendrons begin to bloom in the lower reaches of forest. Key lodges still closed so bring a tent.
March Good weather. Not too cold high up, not too warm down below Wonderful Rhododendrons from 2000 meter elevation  up to 3800 meter. Check opening of mountain l lodge 
April Getting hot in lower Budi Gandaki Wonderful Rhododendrons from Deng up to Shyala. Still few people, a great time to trek.
May Hot, sweaty and hazy Last of the Rhododendron blooms can be seen.
June Cooling down with rains Monsoon slowly begins. No trekkers around. With very early starts, you can still enjoy trekking with views.
July Monsoon The time to see flowers and greenery. Nepal is lush in monsoon. Fewer lodges in activity.
August Monsoon Fewer lodges in activity.
September Monsoon dies away, haze and rains still possible. Monsoon ending around third week in September.
October Magnificent Busiest month consequently!
November Fabulous, cooling down. Colder higher up, but still a great month to trek. Be careful to avoid the Manaslu Trail Race around that time.
December Getting cold. Best views with crystal clear air. The villagers of Samdo pack up around mid-December and cross the pass to head to Kathmandu, Pokhara and India for the winter.

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