Welcome To the Himalaya Trekking

Welcome to the Himalaya Trekking


Welcome  To Touch The Himalaya Treks and expeditionThe Himalayan region covering Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India, That offers you  unparalleled   opportunities for  super trekking  and  expeditions, mixing      breathtaking  natural beauty  with adventure  and a  cultural experience. Our goal at  Touch The Himalaya  is to provide you with an experience that will last a lifetime.
Amazing  scenery,  landscapes  and  experiences – being  surrounded  by majestic  mountain peaks, seeing  the protected  Indian  rhinoceros, looking out over  frozen lakes, the  smell of  Masala  tea,  riding and bathing elephants  in Chitwan  National  Park,  eating Dal- bhat, Tibetan  bread  and yaks milk cheese while sitting around a fire at the end of a satisfying days trek .

Trustworthy, knowledgable guides: - guides  who  have  done  the  treks  innumerable times, know the locals,speak to you in your own language, understand the impacts of high altitude trekking or walking in a tigers territory, and look after you to ensure your safety.

Good value for money: - whether in a group or as an individual, being able to provide something that fits your budget and needs. Those who have been to Nepal  before  generally also want to provide something extra back to the community. Nepal is an  amazing  country, not  without its own  challenges  though.  We choose to support PURNIMA COLLECTION whose  goal  is  to  help  people  living  with  physical disabilities  make  a  living  and have a chance of leading a useful and dignified life. 10% of our profits go to this wonderful organization, so through us you can made a difference too.

T.T. Himalaya is a government registered company offering travel in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India.