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Why guides are necessary during the trek

 December 30, 2019      By Kabindra Bhatta
Why guides are necessary during the trek

Why guides are necessary during the trek
Guides are the key to open the door. For the entrance behind the door a key is required likewise local guides are needed for the visit of new places in Nepal. Nepal is a place which has high elevation, dense forests, remotes lands and unbeaten trekking trials, and more than 123 languages are spoken in Nepal so the local guide matters during the visit to Nepal specially during the trek. However many travelers have done trekking without and guide and have completed it but for the safety of themselves guides are here to assist them in  the mountains.
To solve the language problem
Language is the main problem during the trekking because in the trekking regions, most of the people speak local languages which cannot be understood by the travelers and are uneducated which means don't know the English language as English is the universal language, official language of more than 80 countries; most of the travelers speak English language, they want to know about the culture, lifestyle, geography, history, religions, etc. of the mountains so guides here provides you the information in English.
For authentic and realistic information
The information provided by the guides for the trekkers will be authentic and realistic about the locality, people, culture, lifestyle, geography, history, religions and so on. the travelers are not only going to see the isolated villages, ancient monasteries, old Gumbas, panoramic Himalayas view, glacier of Himalayas, beautiful spectacles of the mountains, passing along dense rhododendron forest, heading past Mani walls and high valleys but also know the information, history, and stories of these places which travelers visit.
To check the trekking permits
To trek in Nepal it's illegal to trek without the trekking permits so, trekking permits are mandatory for trekking. In this cases, the local agencies will help you to take the permit as the trekker would not know about where to take the permit and what are necessary requirement to take the permit. After getting the permits, these are taken by your guide and are shown in the places where it has to be shown, checked and registered because the trekkers are known about it; where to go and what to do it.
To assist you in the off-beaten trekking trials
While trekking in Nepal, trekker has to travel through off-beaten path which could be scary and dangerous and they might lose hope to cross this trial. Here the guide will assist trekkers support them and encourage them to cross it in easy or alternative way.
For travelers safety and security
Safety and security of the trekkers in the main priority. Guides will assist trekkers to trek safely, teach them how to walk in the mountain regions, which trekking trials to take, an alternative trekking trial is to be taken if the road in under construction and make the trekker feel secure.
To book a room during the trek
During the best trekking months most of the tea houses will be packed so the trekkers may not get room whenever they reach the tea house but if the trekkers takes guide with them, guides will book a room for them previously so that the trekkers can rest peacefully which is possible because of guides having a connection with the tea houses.
Not to get lost during the trek
While in new area the trekkers might get lost because of not knowing the path, where will be the tea houses, because of the language problem. To prevent from these cases, guides will be there to help them.
For the stress free trek
Guides will make your trek stress free trek by solving the language problem, providing you the authentic and realistic information, help you with permits, assisting in the off-beaten trekking trials, keeps the responsibility of your safety and security, solves the unforeseen circumstances if it occurs spontaneously. Guides will be your friend during the trekking and will help you and assist you.


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