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Reasons to book your trek through agencies

 December 30, 2019      By Kabindra Bhatta
Reasons to book your trek through agencies

Reasons to book your tour and trek through agencies in Nepal
Trekking agencies are established to help the trekkers to show the right path easily, with the local team so that the trekkers throughout the world may not get lost on their way during the visit to Nepal. There are many benefits for the traveler and also helps in economic growth of the country when the traveler choose agencies for the travel in Nepal. Some of the major reasons why to choose agencies are listed below:
For the authentic information
Tour and Trekking agencies of Nepal will have an updated information of what is going on Nepal, about the best trekking seasons, best trekking destinations, risk during the tour and trekking, how to handle during the emergency situation or unseen circumstances, what can be seen in which places, short trekking destinations, long trekking destinations, political situations, etc. overall the local things of Nepal; authentic and realistic information will be provided for the travelers which is the best part.
Saving money and getting best price
Whenever the traveler book a tour or trekking packages with the local company they will save their money and get the best fair price because during this process no any third party will be included for the commission. The offers and staff cost provided by the local companies will be cheaper than the other international companies but the service are not compromised; still they provide best service for their guests. Whenever you choose big international companies or local companies you are going to get same local guides and staffs.
For the growth of local economy
In Nepal thousands of people are involved in tourism. This money goes direct to the government where government plays a vital role in this by developing physical infrastructure of the nation such as for providing better accommodation and environment for the tourist. Tourism of Nepal is also a backbone of Nepal's economy, so it will be support for the growth of economy of Nepal.
Employing local and getting reliable information
Booking a tour or trekking packages with local company means employing the local people. i.e. People get employed and they can feed their family for few more days and in return the traveler gets reliable information about the local regions of Nepal. It is obvious that no others can explain about the local places than the local people because they are engaged and familiar to such places since their birth.
Flexibility on the trip
Local agencies manages tour and trekking as the travelers are looking for but not like the international companies such as having the fixed schedule, itinerary, dates and number of pax and the travelers have to run in their schedule. Local agencies have a flexible schedules, itinerary and flexible dates i.e. can customize schedules, itinerary and dates according to the travelers time and number of pax.
Experience guides and porters
The guides and porter of a local agencies will be highly skilled, well trained, certified by the government, experienced, will have professionalism in their job and are selected by their good communication power, qualities, skills, experiences, safety records and great personalities to accompany travelers journey safely.
Within the list of local companies, Touch the Himalaya Treks and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd is one of the top companies, which is highly responsible renowned, governmental authorized company, and has been contributing its service since decayed in tourism sector of Nepal. 
We manage all the required requirements of our clients for the trek in Nepal; the way travelers are looking for. We prefer eco-friendly tourism in Nepal and conserve what travelers has seen now so that they can be seen by their coming generation pure.
Note: The traveler should know whether the company is authorized or not in the tourism sector.


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